Darren Casey

Darren Casey – Commercial Photographer in Hull shooting stills and video.

I am a Freelance Commercial Photographer. I specialise in creating imaginative images and video for National and Regional Press, Public Relations Agencies, Feature Magazines, Corporate Events and Commercial companies across the UK. I am based in Hull, East Yorkshire, so I am ideally located for assignments throughout the country. I have over 17 years industry experience and have established a good reputation for providing great images on deadline and within budget. I strongly believe that image is everything especially when presenting your product to the wider world and by commissioning the right photographer you gain a great advantage over the competition.

My background.

My photography origins begin a little different to most, I am a former Royal Navy Photographer.

Without a doubt this is one of the most exciting, challenging and interesting careers anyone can have. As a military photographer I’ve worked under water on Submarines and above water on Ships and in Helicopters, I’ve photographed Royal Marine Commando’s in action and Royal Navy rescue relief on foreign shores, I’ve shot many different people from the newest recruit to the highest of Admirals all to provide a permanent record of life in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines plus aiming to promote the Armed Forces through global publicity.

Having completed my service I now work as a commercial photographer in Hull specialising in the Editorial, Press and PR fields supplying both Freelance Photography and Video. My clients range from National and Regional News organisations to Public Relations and Marketing Companies both large and small. Commercial institutions and corporate event companies are also part of my ever growing list of customers. I am able to draw on a huge bank of experience and knowledge in order to deliver what my clients request and more often than not act as a source of advice on what I think will work on a publicity campaign, feature magazine, corporate brochure or in a newspaper.

Over 17 years industry experience as a full-time Professional Photographer

Darren Casey Commercial Photographer in Hull


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