Back on the tools

Back on the tools

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  • October 14, 2015

Personally speaking I don’t think there’s any better grounding for a Freelance Editorial and PR Photographer than working for a regional newspaper. The sheer volume of different situations and varied people you deal with on a day to day basis is perfect for keeping your ideas fresh and your camera skills current.
It is fair to say though that time is never on your side and with the ever increasing demand for images but the constant dwindling staff photographer levels you spend a lot of time chasing around with very little time on a job.
That said, for an experienced photographer, it is perfect for making sure you can adapt quickly to every different situation you are presented with. This, for me, is one of the core skills necessary for working as an Editorial, PR or Commercial Photographer in Hull

This past week I had a gap in assignments and rather than spending the downtime playing golf or out on my motorbike I was given the chance to go back to work at the Hull Daily Mail and refresh my own core skills.

So what stories have I been working on?  Let me see, there was the feature on the rise of Air BnB in the city where I got to shoot some very interesting people in their own properties. I visited a wonderfully luxurious Glamping site in the woods where I got some great images for the paper’s glossy magazine called The Journal. I covered a school that had received a literary award for their performance of Macbeth and another that had a visit from a Claridges Chef no less.  Staying with schools I also came across Dough Disco for the first time!

The variety continued with a young guy who’d had his front teeth knocked out then a young woman campaigning to legalise cannabis for medical reasons….who knew you could get a cannabis salve?  I went from a woman who was trapped in a hospital lift to a visit from the Energy Minister, then a charity football match to a clinical services unit making sure the instruments used in operations were perfectly clean. All this and more with a smattering of school new starters for good measure.

Life as a Freelance Photographer in Hull is never dull…..

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